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Welcome to Cabrillo Dental

Your smile is the very first thing that other people will notice about you and if you want to make a good impression that will last, it is important that you get the best and most personalized dental care that is second to none. With the help of Dr. Nasery top San Diego dentist, California, you can now easily achieve all your oral health goals. As your official San Diego cosmetic dentistry and implant dental care provider, we will ensure that you will get only the finest and most suitable dental care that you cannot simply find anywhere else!

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Our Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Cabrillo Dental, we believe that all dentistry should be viewed from a cosmetic standpoint. Our vow is to leave your teeth healthier and more aesthetically pleasing with any procedure we perform. Whether a single filling or a complete smile makeover, our experts in cosmetic dentistry produce stunning smiles, enhancing the overall quality of every patient’s life.

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Dental Implant
dental implants san diego

Dental Implant

Our goal is to provide each patient with a beautiful, healthy, and natural smile.  All of our dentists at Cabrillo Dental are highly skilled in every dental procedure required to meet this objective.  By far, the most exciting of these dental procedures is the dental implant. Dental implants provide the foundation to fix almost any dental problem and transform every smile. Your top San Diego Dentist for dental implants.

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San Diego Dentist

General Dentistry

Each dentist at Cabrillo Dental is highly trained in every aspect of general dentistry, allowing us to meet all of your general dental needs in any of our locations. General dentistry is the overall care of your oral health needs. A general dentist is your primary care provider for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of problems associated with your teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw.

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  • Complimentary Exam
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  • New Patients Only
    (In absence of gum disease)




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We accept almost all dental insurance, however call us please to confirm your individual dental plan. Cabrillo Dental is a preferred provider for most dental health insurance plans.

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